The institute is serving the society in the field of education since last 4 years. There are 9 strong branches of this huge tree. The up coming number of institutes under this organization indicates that the institutes nurture all round development with sound moral base and strengthening social bonds. The college is managed by the Board of trustees and run by the Principal under constant supervision of Academic Incharge and assisted by academic and administrative Staff. The Management have provided experienced dedicated band of teachers to train the teacher trainees who have our future (citizen) in their hands.

Our all colleges building are magnificent and has many rooms which are airy and sufficient to fulfill the purpose.The college building is magnificent and has many rooms which are airy and sufficient to fulfill the purpose.

The Class Rooms are big and fully furnished which serves the atmosphere to study. Assembly hall is very large and eqquiped with musical instruments and modern sound system.The TLM room is equipped with all the teaching learning materials of present time readymade as well as made by the students.

The administration office fully furnished with all the modern equipment like computer, inverter, printer etc. It is located in the entrance of the college. A well-furnished, fully ventilated and situated in the main entrance, Which easily co-ordinates with Parents, Visitors and Staff members. A very large staff room with the facility of about 25 people’s sitting arrangement is located near the principal’s office The college has a nice room having the quality of keeping all the stationary materials and dead stock materials.